What is Freemasonry



Freemasonry is the world's oldest surviving fraternal society, having arisen from the craft guilds of pre-Renaissance Europe. In the days before unions, health insurance, or even widespread education, these guilds ensured the working man had the tools necessary to provide for himself, his family, and his community. Much more than merely a collection of workers, the foundations of good citizenship, studies of the sciences, and care for one's neighbors was instilled on all who labored in the massive cathedrals and other awe-inspiring edifices of Europe's antiquity.
In time, during the late 1700's, Freemasonry became less concerned with the practicalities of laying stone and turned fully toward those teachings that helped good men become better. Men from all classes joined the fraternity, from lowly peasants to nobles and even kings -- all were welcome, as within the halls of the Lodge all were equal, regardless of their social standing without. Today, Freemasonry is found in almost every country of the world, helping men enrich themselves and the communities in which they live.
Freemasonry uses allegory and ritual to reinforce the importance of many cardinal virtues -- faith, hope, charity, brotherly love, relief, and truth -- each being necessary for a truly productive and well-mannered society. While Freemasonry has in the past been persecuted by those who oppose freedom of thought and social improvement, today Lodges can be found in all but the most restrictive of countries.
Freemasonry isn't just for men -- with youth groups such as Job's Daughters and Rainbow Girls for young women, De Molay for young men, and even Order of the Eastern Star for both ladies and gentlemen, it's very easy to get involved.
As an organization wish such a long and distinguished past (fifteen US presidents and countless other noteworthy individuals have been brother Masons), describing the whole of Freemasonry is difficult. However, there has been much said on the subject, and we hope you explore and discover to your heart's content!
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  • Wikipedia's article on Freemasonry -- a great source for general information and the history of the fraternity
  • Freemasonry for Dummies is a book written by Brother Christopher Hodapp and is a great guide for anyone interested in Masonry or what we offer, as well as dispelling many of the myths surrounding our ancient society
  • California Grand Lodge Website -- A great resource for Masons and non-Masons alike, the CA Grand Lodge has done a fantastic job of providing information and education about Masonry and related subjects

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