How to join Vitruvius Lodge No. 145


As an organization focused on exemplifying the best aspects of human nature, Freemasonry is not difficult to join if one has met several requirements, required of all applicants:

  • Being a man over the age of 18 who:
    • Believes in a supreme being and life everlasting
    • Has resided in California for the past year
    • Is of good moral character and respects the laws of the United States of America

There is an Application form (PDF) that must be turned in to our secretary, either by mail or in person at one of our many public events, such as our monthly Family Night Dinner. The application must be signed by two Master Masons of our Lodge who support your petition to take the degrees of Masonry, and you must include three personal references, which may or may not be Masons themselves.
Once your application is read before the Lodge, an investigative committee will be formed, and over the course of the next month you and your references will be contacted by members of the Lodge who have been chosen by the Master to learn more about you and what you would like out of Masonry. All of the questions you are asked have been asked of all Masons since time immemorial -- don't worry! Provided all reports come back favorably, we will vote on your petition in the following stated meeting.


If you are a Mason in good standing in another Lodge, and would like to affiliate with Vitruvius Lodge No. 145, we've made it as easy as possible to do so -- print out our Affiliation application (PDF), fill it out, and bring it on down to the Lodge! We're happy to have you sit with us, brother!